"How to Build a Six-Figure Income in Network Marketing Without Losing Your Family, Your Friends, or Your Soul..."
After 10 years of building in this crazy industry called Network Marketing, I've come to the realization without a few strategic systems... most networkers are spinning their wheels.

How do I know this to be true?

I was one of them.

Spinning plates, trying to balance it all. Sacrificing my friends, my family, my health...all for the "dream." I worked harder, strived, cold-called, attended home parties night after night... until I finally I broke down in complete exhaustion.

Something has got to change.

I sat down in my kitchen to brainstorm, thinking back on my Internet Marketing days and how I was able to build profitable 6-Figure income streams online...and I thought, why couldn't I do this in Network Marketing?

I declared my values. I set some targets. And I built the roadmap.

One that was so simple to follow, any motivated, coachable Networker could grasp these rudimentary concepts.

Imagine personally enrolling 15-30 new people every single month in your business, long after your warm market has dried up.

How about learning how to position yourself as "expert" and leveraging Magnetic Recruiting(tm) funnels to attract new prospects by the thousands.

And once you get a brand new person started, having a rock solid method to virtually guarantee duplication and leadership to create a massive downline.

So I put these ideas to the test, and I turned 60 people into nearly 10,000 in just a few short months. Profiting us nearly a half a million a year so far... and I'm just getting started.

Oh - and did I mention that this all happened by cutting my hours down from 60 hours a week down to 30 or less?

While we've made over $3.3 million the last 5 years, which brings a certain level of financial abundance (debt free, traveling to 19 countries, driving a gorgeous paid-in-cash white Range Rover, giving hundreds of thousands to orphanages and charities we are passionate about like Kings Ransom Foundation), it's been the little things in life I am most grateful for:

Waking up every single morning without an alarm clock. Decide where, when, and how much I'm going to work that day.

Creating a team culture and leadership development that equips the brand new person to get started and OWN their business. No more handholding, no more pressure, no more feeling like I'm "riding a dead horse" trying to invigorate my team.

I've created a business with ease. In absolute total bliss.

And I want to teach you exactly how to do the same.

If you're interested in learning how to recruit like crazy without feeling like a slimy salesman...

Attract endless leads to you long after you've exhausted your warm market...

And how to implement systems that will allow you to create true freedom in your Network Marketing business (and not just build an expensive, hectic, babysitting "J.O.B.")...

The Classy Networker is a step-by-step training course where you'll get a behind the scenes walk through of my entire downline-building process.

If you’d like complete details about the program, I’d encourage you to register for my free training webinar which will break-down my entire Classy Networker process for you, using one of my recent businesses as a real-world example.

In this particular case-study, I started a brand new business from scratch, and built it up to nearly 10,000 in our team in just 10 months, with over 1,000 people joining every single month.

The Classy Networker comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee.

Rachel Jackson

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